OAGAM Have Been Promoting Road Safety, Advanced Driving and Riding Skill For Life in
Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire for over 50 years.
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Updated 24 August, 2017

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Thank you for your interest in Oxford Area Group of Advanced Motorist.

The best way to take the IAM Advanced Test (and with the greatest degree of success) is through a local IAM Group - such as Oxford Area Group of Advanced Motorist. This is the ideal way to prepare for the Test as we know precisely what the examiner is expecting and can prepare you for it. All of our Observers are unpaid volunteers who want to improve road safety.

Once you have "signed up" we will contact you. Remember, all of our Observers have already undertaken exactly the same training you are about to embark upon and will understand and be able to help with any questions you may have.

Full Details of the The "Skill For Life" package including costs can be seen at the IAM web site by following the link below.

If you’ve passed your test and are already a member of the IAM then contact us and we’ll send you an enrolment form. A years membership costs just £10.

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